Measurements of Energy & Environmental Parameters

Energy & Environmental Parameters

The department of Energy and Environmental inspections conducts measurements of Energy characteristics, such as

  • temperatures,
  • pressures,
  • differential pressures and environmental characteristics, such as:
    • dust
    • gas emissions (carbon monoxide-CO, carbon dioxide-CO2, sulfur dioxide-SO2, nitrogen oxides-NOx, Volatile Organic Compounds-VOC, soot etc.)
    • inhalant dust
    • noise emitted by all kind of industrial activities.

The measurements are performed with calibrated own measuring equipment according to the national and international legislation and following Greek and international measuring standards. The purpose of these measurements is the evaluation and improvement of the energy and environmental performance of industrial units and buildings.

Also, the department of Energy and Environmental inspections can carry out studies and audits on the following fields:

  • Production and consumption of energy
  • Co-generation of combined heat and power
  • Energy saving
  • Emissions' reduction
  • Environmental aspects of productive processes

TÜV HELLAS is able to evaluate the energy needs and consumption as well as the environmental impacts of industrial units in order to propose measures for energy savings and solid, liquid waste and gas emissions reduction.

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