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Inspection Equipment

TÜV HELLAS is aware on the Risk resulting for kids and maintenance people during operation of amusement Rides and use of playground equipment in Play & Fun Areas.

Therefore is promoting the spirit of safety and security on the use – operation of such equipment installation, conforming to the current National Legislation and the valid European Standards and Safety Regulations. For the past 5 years has provided specialized services via experienced and highly qualified Inspectors independent Inspection & Certification Services (accredited by the Greek Accreditation Council) for:

  • Amusement Rides (Fair Ground and Amusement Parks)
  • Playground Equipment
  • Public & Private Playgrounds
  • Kindergarten
  • Water Parks & Water Slides, Water Fun Attractions and Installations
  • High Ropes – Rope Courses; Sport & Recreational Facilities

Basis for the Inspection activities is all applicable National Legislation and the relevant European Standards (EN) and Norms and the Manufacturers of playground equipment, amusement rides, Owners & Operators of Amusement Parks & Fairgrounds, Playgrounds, Municipalities and Permit Authorities are being affected by this inspection.

  • Assurance of good manufacturing, installation and setting in operation of amusement rides according to valid European Norms & Standards.
  • Valuable continuous and Safe Operation of rides, equipment and structures through out Periodic Inspection
  • Children are playing and having fun Safely
  • Maintenance People are not in danger.

TÜV HELLAS experience:

  • The biggest fixed location Amusement Parks in the country
  • The safest variable location Fair Ground Operators
  • Inspection of Special Amusement Rides, Repairs and Modifications
  • Inspection & Certification of special thematic Installations
  • Various Playground equipment
  • The biggest Water Parks in Greece and Cyprus
  • Public Playgrounds and Kindergartens
  • Play Ground Equipment during Manufacturing and Testing
  • Waterslides Manufacturers

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