Fire Protection

Fire Protection

Fire protection inspections for buildings have as objective the division in fire compartments, the construction of the fire compartment shell, the provision of the escape route for the users, the smoke control, the signaling and the safety lighting, the operation of the fire detection, alarm, sprinkler, CO2 and other extinguishing systems.

The inspections carried out, are based on Greek regulations (PD 41/18, Fire Brigade by-laws, TOTEE 2451/86, ΕΝ 12845, ΕΝ 54 and Ministerial decrees), international regulation, on codes and laws applicable (NFPA, VdS, DIN, CEA).

TÜV HELLAS' involvement from the design review and approval of the materials to be used, to the inspections during construction and during operational tests of the installations, assures the use of the proper materials and verifies the adequacy and the compatibility of the installations, and their effectiveness in case of fire.

Furthermore, through this type of certification, the safety and protection of the personnel and installations, are thus ensured and it is a significant advantage for insurance companies.

TÜV HELLAS has a solid background in fire safety certification, earned through projects such as the construction of the New Athens International Airport, in cooperation with the main contractor "HOCHTIEF" and the owner "Athens International Airport", as well as significant data centers and hotels. TÜV HELLAS is therefore in position to offer reliable inspection and certification services for fire protection in various buildings.

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