Electrical Installations


The electrical installations are of high risk if they have not been design and constructed properly. According to Ministerial Decision 101195 published in government gazette (FEK) 4654/Β/8.10.2021, ELOT 60364 is the standard for design, construction, modification, amendments and inspection of electrical installations in Greece substituting ELOT HD 384 that was valid since 2004 with government gazette (FEK) 470/B/5.3.2004 and is applied for older installations.

Electrical installations must fulfil the requirements aiming to safe operation, provided the proper use of the installation.

Specifically, the requirements have been foreseen to prevent a satisfactory degree of risks that could occur for:

  • People
  • Pets and farm animals
  • Miscellaneous goods

located near these installations.

Risks arised from the operation of electrical installations may be caused by:

  • Passing of electrical current through the body of people or animals
  • High temperatures that can cause burns, fire or damaging of goods.

Based on the requirements of the regulation and having the right equipment and experienced personnel from various projects, TÜV HELLAS guarantees the safe operation of electrical installation, having inspected shopping centers, office buildings, hotels, freight depots and many more.

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