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  3. CO2 Verification (Regulation 87/2003 EC)

Greenhouse Gases

The European Union committed, according to article 4 of Kioto Protocol, to contribute to reduction of emissions (up to 8% for 6 Green House Gases for the time period 2008-012), that cause the well known Green House Effect, has developed an extensive emissions trading scheme.

This emissions trading scheme, which was practiced by the EU member States for the period 2005-2007, is under implementation for the period 2008-2012 (and is planned to be continued also for the period 2013-2020) is based on the three innovative mechanisms dictated by the Kioto Protocol:

  • Emissions Trading/ET,
  • Joint Implementation/JI,
  • Clean Development Mechanism/CDM

In order an installation operator can participate to the emissions trading scheme, he must:

  • possess CO2 allowances according to the National Allowances Allocation Plan,
  • possess an approved monitoring plan and an emissions permit, which describes the requirements for the monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions,
  • submit to the competent authority a yearly verified by accredited verifiers emissions report (until 31st of March for the previous year’s emissions).

TÜV HELLAS as an accredited Certification/Verification and Body (Accreditation Certificate Nr.: 31-2, dated on 15/07/2011) offers services for the verification of greenhouse emissions and the validation of the respective emissions report according to the article 11 of the CMD 54409/2632/27.12.2004 (FEK 1931Β’) using approved Greek verifiers.

Additionally, TÜV HELLAS, in cooperation with the parent organization TÜV NORD, offers verification services for projects based on the Joint Implementation and Clean Development Mechanism.

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