Nuclear Inspection

Bringing you over 50 years of experience in the Nuclear Industry

TÜV UK as part of TÜV NORD Nuclear is offering Third Party Inspection in the International nuclear field. TÜV NORD has operated in the Nuclear Industry for more than 50 years and is a full service provider. Due to its worldwide nuclear projects TÜV NORD has experience with most regulations relevant for planning, construction and commissioning of Nuclear Power Plants. TÜV NORD experts are currently involved in nuclear projects in Germany, Sweden , Finland , Brazil , Argentina and South Africa working according to KTA, BS, EN, ASME, AD MB, CDM, LC, SKIF, YVL, RCC-M, RSE-M

In the UK, we offer: The application of existing primarily TÜV UK Limited’s Manufacturing Technology skills into the nuclear site equipment industry, per our UKAS approvals as a notified body. This is delivered by full time staff and contracted specialist self-employed contractors working under our procedures and under the control of qualified and experienced TÜV UK staff.

Using existing TUV UKs UKAS approved offering, into a nuclear equipment supply environment:

  • Pressure equipment: 2014/68/EU (PED notified body) + PSSR (UKAS Inspection body) & ASME 8 (US rules): Pressure equipment design & permanent joining, including testing & qualifying welders to the standard, checking and approving welding procedures to the Standard.
  • Welding: ISO 3834 (UKAS Certification parts 2, 3 & 4), welding quality management systems
  • Health & safety: LOLER (UKAS Inspection body) & ISO 45001 (UKAS Certification body)
  • General: ISO 9001 (UKAS Certification body)
  • Environmental: ISO 14001:2015 (UKAS certification) & ISO 14064-1 (GHG)
  • Data security: ISO 27001 (DAKKS accredited)
  • Construction Products Regulation 305/2011: Structural Steel & Aluminium UKCA marking (CPR Approved body). + Extra services specific to the nuclear equipment supply environment:
  • RCCM (French rules on mechanical equipment including welding in nuclear site applications) UKAS qualified & approved
  • ASME 3 (American rules for mechanical equipment in nuclear site applications) planning to be UKAS approved in 2019


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