IFS Food Certification

International Featured Standards

As a supplier to large retail chains your product must comply with the regulations of the International Featured Standard for producers of food and food packaging. IFS certification is the prerequisite for your acceptance as a supplier and for the maintenance of a relationship with your clients. We will also provide support to ensure that certification also helps you improve your products and reduce your product liability risk.

Our IFS inspections and other food safety inspections help ensure food safety and hence protect consumers. We apply the IFS standard when inspecting food producers, such as food processing establishments and those who package loose food products. Thanks to our expertise and worldwide network, we can offer our acknowledged inspection and certification services internationally. Further details of the individual International Featured Standards can be found here.

Trade demands certification

In 2002, German retailers developed the IFS (at that time still known as the International Food Standard). Today this standard is known by 65% of the world's food retail trade and IFS is the most important standard for suppliers to large retail chains In Western Europe.

We are accredited under DIN EN 45011 for IFS certifications.

In the past few years the proportion of own labels produced for individual retailers and large retail chains has increased, and this trend will continue in future. This means that as someone who places food products onto the market, you will also be subject to the same safety and quality requirements as all other food producers. To meet these standards, in other words to guarantee constant, comparable and reliable food quality, many own-label producers now demand certification to the International Food Standard.

TÜV NORD CERT is approved by the German Business Development Association for the Retail Trade (WFE) and is accredited by the German Accreditation System for Testing (DAP) for the certification of food suppliers.