Application for Certification of Assessment of factory production control (FPC) according to BS EN 1090-1

Guidance notes

Guidance notes

The Information you provide will be used for the evaluation of audit time in our proposal and assignment of competent assessors.

If welding activities form part of your production process, certification or a statment of investigation according to EN ISO 3834 - 2/3/4 must be present.

This is not a standard part of the EN 1090-1 FPC certification, but a separate process.

If you do not have such a certificate/statement, you can apply to TUV UK Ltd for this and we will provide you with a separate intake form.

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The request for the certification of factory production control (FPC) according to EN 1090-1, including the annex attached to it, is the first representation from the manufacturer regarding the intended ranges of certification.

After placing the order the client receives a checklist for the initial inspection or monitoring of the factory production control according to EN 1090-1. This checklist is used to establish improtant information e.g. respeonsible person or personnel, operational facilities, the production processes as well as the other quality-assurance measures. The completed checklist is to tbe returned to TUV UK Limited no larter than 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the audit. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to provide the answers to the questions on the checklist and attach the neccessary documents.

The Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Services of TUV UK; PC005 Certification Agreement and PC006 Use of the CE Markand TUV UK's Notified Body number are valid. The completeness and correctness of the information and attached annexes is confirmed.


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Annex to the application of certification of factory production control (FPC) according to EN 1090-1

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According to which Part and in which Execution classes of EN 1090 is the production schedule implemented?

What are the scope of dimensions applicable to the certification?

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