Health and Safety Training

Legionella Awareness Training

The Health and Safety Executive place a great deal of importance on ensuring those with responsibility are competent to deliver the tasks for which they are responsible. Being able to demonstrate competency is a key aspect to the delivery of an effective Legionella monitoring and control programme.


This course aims to provide an improved awareness of the potential for Legionella growth and the techniques employed in the management of water systems. Interactivity is encouraged and the sessions can be used as an open forum to clarify legal positions and answer relevant questions.

Who should attend?

  • Responsible Person
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Individuals responsible for any area of the management and control of water systems

Learning Objectives:

On completion of the course candidates should understand:

  • What legionella is
  • Where legionella grows
  • Conditions for growth
  • How legionella infects
  • The legal requirement
  • Fulfilling the provisions of the ACoP
  • Preventative techniques
  • Legionella Policy
  • Written Scheme
  • Monitoring and control programmes
  • Engineering issues
  • Water Regulations


The course is split into modules, with Modules 1-4 being the core of the training and optional bolt-on Module 5 (Hot and Cold Water Systems) and Module 6 (Cooling Water Systems).

Assessment and Certification

Multiple choice questions are completed for each of the modules. Successful delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.

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