Certification Process - Management Systems

Certification Process

For every assessment, TUV NORD Singapore (TNS) will deploy qualified and experienced auditors to deliver an effective audit. Below is the process of applying and maintaining management systems certification.

Application for Certification

TUV NORD (Thailand) Singapore Branch must verify whether it is appropriate to conduct the certification of an organisation. The decision is made upon the results of a self-declaration of the organisation using a questionnaire.

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Initial Certification

  1. Contact by client with our sales representative
  2. Application review and determine the time required and the costs
  3. Planning of suitable audit schedule and competent team
  4. Execution and successful closure of Stage 1 audit
  5. Execution and successful closure of Stage 2 Audit
  6. Issue of audit report
  7. Submission of documentation to Certification Office with recommendation for certification
  8. After positive review, grant of certificate and marks

Surveillance Audit

Within the period of validity of the certificate (3 years) on-site surveillance audits shall be conducted at least once per calendar year, with the exception of the years in which a recertification audit is performed. The 1st surveillance audit date following initial certification shall not more than 12 months from the certification decision date.

Recertification Audit

A recertification audit will be conducted in order to review the overall management system implementation and effectiveness in the organization. The entire re-certification process shall be completed well in advance of the expiry of the certification to ensure timely re-issue of certificate for the continuity of certification.

Process for multi-site certification

A multi-site organisation is an organisation having an identified central function (central office) at which certain activities are planned, controlled or managed and a network of local offices or branches (sites) at which such activities are fully or partially carried out.

To qualify for multi-site certification, an organisation must fulfill certain conditions which are reviewed by the auditors during the contract review (before the offer). If eligible, a sampling method can be used to limit the site visits to a representative number of sites in addition to the central office. Over the period of certification, the group should be visited in its entirety.

Whether the sampling method may be used, and how many and which sampled sites shall be audited, remains a decision of the certification body.

Further Reading

For more information on certification documents and procedures under our DAkkS accreditation, please refer to

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