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Worldwide demand for biofuels is rising, yet we need to protect our natural ecosystem and biodiversity. Certification by TÜV NORD attests to sustainable production of biofuels for vehicles and other applications, as required by EU legislation. Certified organizations are able to continue marketing biomass and its end products as biofuel in the EU, benefiting from competitive advantages through provisions of German Renewable Energy Sources Act and the Energy Taxation Act.

TÜV NORD certifies based on the requirements of the ISCC DE, ISCC EU and REDcert certification systems We offer three corresponding certifications on an international basis: according to EU Directive 2009/28/EC on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources, the Biofuel Sustainability Ordinance and also the Biomass Electricity Sustainability Ordinance. The certifications are directed towards all economic operators who are considered to be “interfaces” or “transporters” in the sense of the standards and regulations – from recording of the biomass in Germany or abroad, through trading and logistics up to final processing. Within the auditing framework, compliance with the rules of the relevant certification system with regard to manufacture, transportation, storage and processing of the biomass is assessed at intervals of maximum twelve months. TÜV NORD is recognized by the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE).

ISCC PLUS and REDcert2

Against the backdrop of climate change and decarbonisation, systems which promote sustainability of the raw materials used in industrial production and processing are ever more important. A further vital aspect is replacement of fossil fuels by renewable fuel sources. Companies within the chemical industry, in particular, are developing integrated production systems which have a beneficial effect on the carbon balance sheet and conserve fossil fuel resources.  Such activities testify to a responsible attitude towards society as a whole, and companies who follow this approach stand out within the competitive market. Certification provides a visible outward sign of environmental awareness, and the demand for it is growing.

The leading standards within the area of sustainable bio-fuels are ISCC EU und REDcert EU, and they have already been on the market for ten years. Now, with the ISCC-PLUS and REDcert2 standards, the same principles can be applied in all other areas of the circular economy.

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