Nuclear Consultancy

Specialist Nuclear Consultancy: The provision of elite consultancy services from TÜV UK Limited’s Nuclear Associates, some of whom have held the most senior positions in the UK regulatory system, Government and the nuclear industry. With key experience in nuclear site operations; nuclear site licensing; nuclear new build; nuclear strategy and technology projects; UK policy and regulatory environment including stakeholder engagement, communications and Government advisory services; academia: process engineering design; research and development; nuclear decommissioning and radioactive waste management; nuclear security; our experts have a combined experience of over 500 years across the sector.

Our Specialist Nuclear Consultancy value addition to your business is by providing high-level specialist expertise in:

• Alignment of Digitalisation and Safety Case - a holistic approach

• Characterization and Radiological Hazard

• Chemistry and Chemical Process

• Collaborative working to link Engineering-Manufacturing-Construction-Operations

• Decontamination for Decommissioning

• Digitalisation (including BIM) leading towards a Digital Built Britain

• Independent Peer Review

• Nuclear Decommissioning Strategy Development

• Nuclear Decommissioning Technologies Assessment and Optioneering

• Nuclear Education and Training

• Nuclear Security

• OGC Gateway Review

• Process Engineering Design – from the conceptual level / project initiation

• Radioactive and Conventional Waste Management

• Regulatory Advice: Safety and Nuclear Site Licensing

• Research and Development

• Spent Fuel Management

• Stakeholder Engagement and Communications

• UK Policy and Government Advisory Services


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