Pressure Equipment

Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU

Mandatory, but not always easy to apply, the EU directives only specify basic safety requirements (Annex I). TÜV UK supports the Manufacturers position in the market by assisting with implementation of EU directives and with the application of appropriate Standards and Regulations.

The Pressure Equipment Directive covers the design, manufacture and testing of pressure equipment with a maximum allowable pressure of more than 0.5 bar above atmospheric pressure by the application of conformity assessment modules. The Directive includes pressure vessels, boilers, piping, pressure accessories (e.g. valves), safety accessories (e.g. safety valves) and the assembly of pressure equipment components. Pressure equipment is used in many applications such as manufacturing, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as in large-scale industry including refineries, chemical and power plants.

Presumption of conformity: use of "Harmonised" standards.

The Directive only lays down basic safety requirements. Satisfying these requirements is best achieved by the application of appropriate recognised technical standards. Presumption of conformity, with the Directive, is assumed when harmonised standards are used such as EN13445 (unfired pressure vessels). Other technical standards (e.g. PD5500) can also be applied providing the basic safety requirements of the Directive are met. TÜV UK can advise on selection of the most appropriate technical standard. TÜV UK supports you in implementing the Directive. TÜV UK conducts tests, analysis and certification in a dedicated testing and certification laboratory. TÜV UK is a recognised EMPA test organisation according to LRV and VKF and can advise on planning, choice of suitable equipment and the layout of pressure and thermal equipment. Advice on chimney stoves, pellet stoves, fireplace inserts and slow combustion ranges is also within our scope of expertise.

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