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Sustainability is the most widespread and pressing concerns for any organisation continuity to maintain the business. One implication is that an organization’s sustainability becomes an important factor of its business and investment decision making process to sustain its existence due to rising costs in any form to operate the business.

Leading businesses are shifting focus to anticipate and manage risks and also discover that managing emissions can lead to cost savings and new business opportunities. Companies need to assure investors and stakeholders of their ability to effectively manage opportunities and risks associated to ensure their sustainable and continued business operation.

TUV NORD is a leading certification body who provides verification and assessment to give assurance to investors and stakeholders of an organisation sustainability portfolio.

International Sustainability Carbon Certification to ISCC EU, ISCC DE and ISCC PLUS

ISCC is certification of companies in the area of sustainable biomasses such as oil palm, used cooking oil, biomass wastes, etc for biofuel, food, bioplastics, biochemical, etc application to meet EU relevant directives including EU Renewable Energy Directives (RED). Biomasses are produced in a sustainable manner and GHG emissions are accounted in each of the supply chain interface. TUV NORD as one of the recognized ISCC CBs certifies the organisations sustainability programmes and GHG emissions generated from each interface of the supply chain.

GHG emissions reporting to ISO 14064 series standards, MYCarbon, GHG Protocol and related guidelines and standards

GHG emissions reporting are one of the indicators in determining an organization’s business sustainability outlining the organization approaching in managing GHG emissions, strategies and plans in reducing GHG emissions. Certify and assessment of the GHG emissions reports and carbon offset programmes to recognised standards and guidelines established by the organisation.

UNFCCC, Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS), Gold Standard (GS) for carbon emissions verification and certification

Certifies certified or voluntary emission reductions (CERs or VERs) for a project activity as outlined in the project design document.

Sustainability Reporting to UNFCCC SD and Gold Standard (GS), Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI), Carbon Disclosure Program (CDP), SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA), Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) and related guidelines requirements

Verification and assessment of organisations or projects based to standards and requirements as outlined in the sustainability reporting established by the organisation.

RSPO Principle & Criteria and Supply Chain Certification

Certification of oil palm based industries for estates, plantations companies, oil palm mills, oil palm refineries and oil palm downstream activities.

Malaysia Sustainable Palm Oil Certification (MSPO 2530 series standards)

TUV NORD Malaysia is one of the recognized CB by Malaysia Palm Oil Board (MPOB) to conduct MSPO certification to certify oil palm plantations / estates companies, smallholders’ group scheme, palm oil mills, palm oil refineries and related oil palm industries to MSPO 2530 series standards.

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