Playground, Amusement Park and Water Park Inspection and Certification

History has witnessed numerous accidents taking place in amusement parks owing to negligence on the operator while operating the amusement devices. 

To reduce the risk of accidents for the operators and users, maintenance and periodic inspections are essential.

Some aspects to be considered for improving the safety of amusement park devices are: 

  • i.    Design Review – Review and verification of design documents. Ensuring the structural, mechanical, electrical and ride control system integrity of the ride are safe when used as designed according to European Norm or ASTM.
  • ii.    Manufacturing Survey & Factory acceptance test – Visit the manufacturer of the rides to ensure the quality of manufacturing is controlled according to the norm and design. Ride control system and electrical system is testing as well during the visit.
  • iii.    Construction - Ensuring that the ride is built according to the approved and safe design. 
  • iv.    Site Acceptance Test – Testing and verification every aspect of the rides to ensure the final product is as per designed before operate with guest.
    • Maintenance - Ensuring that all rides receive proper maintenance 
    • Operation - ensuring that the operator operates the ride consistent with the design and maintenance requirements and the riders use the ride consistent with the designed safety requirements.
    • Operation and Use Risk Assessment & Technical Assessment

TUV NORD Malaysia, we provide design approval, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), Site Acceptance Test (SAT), Annual Inspection, Personnel Qualification of Maintenance Technician and Operator.

For the past 5 years, we have provided inspection of amusement rides via experienced and highly qualified Inspectors, such as:

  • Theme park (Structural, Mechanical, Electrical & Ride Control system for rides range from Class 1 – Class 5 according to the norm)
  •  Water Park (MEP, Water treatment, Water Facilities, Structural, Mechanical, Water Slides)
  •  Acceleration measurement and evaluation (Amusement Rides & Water Slides)
  • Playground and Playing attraction (Dry and Wet)