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In today's competitive marketplace, you not only need to meet regulatory requirements for market access, but need to assure that your products are of consistent quality for market success. At TUV NORD Malaysia, we offer a variety of certification marks and certificates that serve as visible proof that your products or production process meets particular health, safety, and/or quality requirements.

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GS Mark

We provide testing for the GS Mark, a quality test mark certificate presented to manufacturers as the de facto certificate for acceptance into Europe. The certificate can be considered the de facto certificate because it not only demonstrates full compliance with the GPSG (German equipment safety law) for Germany, but it also demonstrates compliance to the LVD (minimum EU requirement).

CE Mark

We provide customers with testing and certification in regards to the CE Mark, a European Community Conformity Testing.

TUV Tested Mark

Our TUV Tested Mark is a testing and certification according to manufacturer’s specification.

Safety Approved Mark

We provide testing and certification on functional safety.

Automotive Testing & Technical Support

We test and provide technical support for all types of vehicles.

E-marking and Whole Vehicle Type Approval

We provide e-marking and entire vehicle approval testing.

Component Testing & Inspection

We test and inspect vehicle components.

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