Safety in the Road Transport of Dangerous Goods

The ADR Agreement constitutes the " European Agreement for the Safety in the International Road Transport of Dangerous Goods".

The name derives from the French "Accord European relatif au transport international des merchandises dangereuses par route". The ADR Agreement has been harmonized in the Greek legislation with the Ministerial Decree no. Γ5/145078 (ΦΕΚ 3302Β /21.07.21)

The Agreement refers to the safe transportation of dangerous goods, like explosives, liquefied gases (for example propane, butane, etc.) the flammable liquids (for example benzin, diesel oil, etc.), acids etc. and to the special requirements which have to fulfill the vehicles and their drivers.

The inspection of the tank vehicles is separated into three categories:

  • Initial Inspection (Type Approval)
  • Periodic Inspection after 6 years (Internal-External inspection, Hydro-test, Leakage test and function test of the equipment)
  • Periodic Inspection after 3 years (Leakage test and function test of the equipment)

TÜV HELLAS offers its inspection services for the periodic inspection having qualified and certified inspectors by the Ministry of Transportation and using a fully equipped laboratory for the performance of the required tests. Up to now TÜV HELLAS has inspected more than 1000 tank vehicles (of various type) transporting dangerous goods.

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