Training Services

ELOT 1433

«Training Services–Criteria for assessing the quality of training services for students of secondary education and centers of foreign languages »

The Greek Specification ELOT 1433 is complementary to the national and European legislation and defines the requirements for the systematic monitoring and improvement of training services. It is adressed to organizations providing training services to students of secondary education and centers of foreign languages, regadless of size.


Certification in accordance with the requirements of ELOT 1433 can offer the following benefits to an organisation:

  • It can demonstrate, through an independent body, that the internals audits of the organisation are implemented and meet corporate goals and strategies
  • It provides a competitive advantage in meeting contractual obligations
  • It demonstrates the commitment of organisation’s top management to provide high quality training services
  • The annual assessments help the organisation to monitor and improve its performance
  • It enhances the reputation and the credibility of the organisation

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