GLOBALG.A.P IFA “Aquaculture Base”

Aquaculture Audits

The GlobalG.A.P. AB standard covers the entire aquaculture management with extended evaluation criteria and specific requirements drafted by international aquaculture experts emphasizing on:

  • Environment protection and sustainable growth
  • Animal welfare
  • Traceability of animal feed, seedlings and brood stock
  • Worker’s occupational health and safety
  • Health and safety of the final products

GlobalG.A.P. is the common effort of food retailers and agricultural products companies Euro Retail Produce Working Group (EUREP) for the setting of common regulations on an international level, the development of a framework of good production practices in the agricultural sector, continuous improvement and understanding of the good production practices and the open communication between consumers and productive sectors including producers and exporters –importers. The G.G. Aquaculture enhances transparency and producer credibility by providing the customers with direct product information through the website: .

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