Second Party Audits - Ensuring Quality

Second Party Audits are audits of contractors or suppliers undertaken on behalf of a purchasing organization to ensure compliance with the requirements agreed. They are usually conducted in order to determine whether the supplier can respond to existing or proposed contractual requirements.

Companies in any business sector who wish to achieve continual improvement and a market edge must manage risks related to quality, environment, health, safety, food safety, hygiene. Such risks also extend to the organisation’s suppliers and sub-contractors; making the monitoring of suppliers to ensure that they meet relevant quality, environment, health, safety, food safety, hygiene criteria and that they comply with the relevant law, a must. Second Party Audits are a tool to ensure such compliance.

Second Party Audits are conducted using the following criteria:

  • your company’s requirements and expectations,
  • all applicable legal and regulatory requirements,
  • best practices and recognised standards.

The audit will highlight strong points, non-conformities and improvement potentials, and by taking appropriate actions the organisation can continually improve and ensure compliance.

Second Party Audits carried out by certification bodies such as TÜV CYPRUS, afford an organization the benefit of impartiality, objectivity and fairness as well as reducing the use of internal resources and thereby reducing the cost of audits.

TÜV CYPRUS has in its years of operation demonstrated the necessary knowledge and experience in conducting second party audits. Our auditors are able to provide transparency and fairness during the audit process and working with us you will ensure that your Company and its suppliers maintain and improve the quality of your products and services- while saving valuable time and resources.

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