Quality Assurance of Railway Equipment

Inspections and Certifications of railroad equipment are performed in order to ensure that all rail-vehicles (passenger trains, freight trains etc.) and railway tracks are manufactured and constructed in accordance with international regulations and the requirements of all applicable technical specifications.

TÜV CYPRUS, in collaboration with TÜV HELLAS, provides services in the field of inspection and certification of equipment and systems such as: rolling stock, traction systems, railways, signaling systems, on board units, safety systems, etc.

"Rolling Stock" are critical parts of rail vehicles for example couplers, doors, axles and spindles, wheels, boogies, shock absorbers, traction equipment, safety loops etc.

"Railroad equipment" includes the following: rails, welds, turn outs, crossings, signaling systems, power transformers, electrical power substations, on board units, etc.

Inspection and Certification of the above includes:

  • Type approval of equipment and systems
  • Observation and Certification of type tests,
  • First Article Inspections (FAI),
  • Inspections during manufacturing,
  • Observation and Certification of running tests,
  • Observation of the Commissioning tests,
  • Field-Inspection during the construction of railroads, depos and the substations of the power supply.
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