Inspection of Civil Engineering Works provides the path to Quality

All construction and building works benefit from inspection in order to ensure that they comply with:

  • contract specifications,
  • local and national building and other regulations,
  • quality,
  • operational readiness, and
  • safety.

TÜV CYPRUS, in collaboration with TÜV HELLAS, offers services in the following:

  • Approval of Project Quality Management Plans,
  • Supervision during construction works to ensure correct implementation of the Project Quality Management Plan,
  • Approval of the materials and equipment used during/for the construction project,
  • Supervision of laboratory tests,
  • Site inspection during the construction works,
  • Supervision of all commissioning and operational tests.

Such inspections can identify any problems or weaknesses in due time and improve the quality of the construction- resulting in the extension of the service life of the final product.

The presence of an Independent Inspection Body in construction works provides assurance to all third parties, of the project’s conformity to: contractual requirements, specifications and standards; safety regulations and standards; and the level of operational readiness for end-users.

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