The top management of TUV NORD Polska Sp. z o.o. is committed to safeguard the impartiality of its certification activities, as reflected in the "Declaration of impartiality".

TÜV NORD Polska Sp. z o.o. identifies, analyses and documents potential conflicts of interest arising from the certification of systems, products and persons, including all conflicts arising from its relationships (e.g. ownership, subordination, management, personnel, ownership shares, finances, contracts, marketing and sales commissions).

Identification, analysis, assessment, action, monitoring and documentation of risks of conflict of interest and identified potential threats to impartiality are documented and adequate improvement measures are taken to eliminate or minimise the identified risks. This analysis is updated on an ongoing basis.


The standards applicable at TUV NORD Polska Sp. z o.o. require that there is a mechanism in place to protect impartiality. Therefore, an Impartiality Protection Committee has been established.

The basic tasks of the Impartiality Protection Committee are:

  • participation in the development of a quality policy (with a commitment to impartiality in certification activities),
  • counteracting the tendency of the certification body to let any commercial or other factors jeopardise the objective conduct of the certification activity,
  • advising on issues affecting confidence in certification, taking into account public perception and the transparency of the process,
  • conducting a review, at least once a year, of the impartiality of the auditing, certification and decision-making processes of the certification body.

The Committee's composition, terms of cooperation, duties, powers, competences of members and responsibilities are formally documented and approved in the form of 'Rules of Procedure of the Impartiality Protection Committee'.

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