Why TUV NORD Polska? Why us?

Who are we?

We have more than 140 years of experience worldwide and have been operating in Poland for almost 30 years. Year after year, we increase the range and comprehensiveness of our services to meet your expectations and remain among the leaders in the certification and inspection industry.

With a passion for safety, we support sectors that are of key importance to us: food safety, medical devices for manufacturers and importers, engineering sectors with investment and production tasks, sustainable development with a focus on the environment and energy efficiency, transport with a focus on the automotive and railway industries, and cyber security with a focus on process safety and information security.

We have teams of auditors, inspectors and experts all over the world and, thanks to our long tradition, we use standardised operating procedures. Knowledge of the applicable legislation, standards and technical conditions is our strength. Accreditations and notifications confirm our qualifications including German DAkkS and Polish PCA.

  • If you want your certificate to be recognised worldwide, make use of our experience and tradition in management system certification, product certification, personnel certification and technical inspections.
  • If you are committed to the development of your company and your employees, our wide range of system and business training courses will give you the necessary knowledge based on the practical experience of our auditors and instructors.
  • Looking for a cooperation partner - TÜV NORD Polska is the best choice on the market!

We invite you to cooperation!