1. Technical Inspection
    2. Inspection Services
    3. Design & Monitoring of Cathodic Protection System
  • Analyses of the measurement and findings of the monitoring and inspection activities
  • Following factors when determining the inspection frequencies and need for special investigations
  • Coating and Painting of pipes are also inspected for
    • Surface preparation control (degree of cleanliness, roughness, profile & contamination detection)
    • Weather conditions (dew point, temperature, moisture, wind velocity)
    • Painting device inspection
    • Paint coating design criteria (coating systems, coverage, paint calculations)
    • Paint application supervision
    • Wet film defects (brush mark, blooming, cissing, hazing, sagging)
    • Curing process check
    • Paint film testing (cross cut, X-cut, pull off, DFT, Holyday/pinhole, Salt spray, hardness, and etc.)
    • Performing DCVG method to test coating resistance
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