Power Quality Audit

The issue of poor power quality is one that goes largely unnoticed. The symptomatic consequences of poor power quality issues are often attributed incorrectly to other causes. For example process control equipment regularly freezing is often blamed on poor software, whereas in reality voltage transients may be causing the digital hardware to malfunction.

Power Quality issues can take many forms; harmonics, voltage sags/swells, flicker & transients etc. Often the cost of power quality mitigation is small compared to the costs associated with the problem itself.

Poor Power Quality effect in your Electrical Network:

  • Poor power quality can damage sensitive equipment.
  • Poor power quality can lower productivity and also drive up energy costs.
  • Poor power quality can cause increased expenditure on electrical assets when plant or building expansion is necessary.
  • Poor power quality can impair the safety of electrical installations.

Poor power quality is caused by:

  • Harmonic distortion and voltage fluctuations.
  • Low power factor—this can increase electricity costs through maximum demand charges.
  • Power electronic loads (variable speed drives, welders, CNC machines, etc).
  • Inadequate wiring plan, and undersized circuits