Engery Efficiency in Trade and Industry

Engery Efficiency in Trade and Industry

Energy prices have become a considerable cost factor for many companies in industry and trade. In industries like paper and metal, energy costs account for up to 20 to 50 % of the total manufacturing costs. The recent increase in energy prices has shown how far the proportion of energy costs for manufacturing industry and trade companies can rise. We must assume that companies will continue to face rising energy costs.

The solution – identify energy efficiency potentials and take appropriate measures

Energetically inefficient processes exist in almost every company. No-load losses, over-sized machinery, lack of control options in pumps and engines, leaks in compressed air systems, absence of occupancy sensors for lighting – all those factors drive the share of energy costs in industrial goods. The implementation of organisational and technical measures for improving energy efficiency can trigger the desired energy and energy cost savings in your company.

Our responsibility grows along with your responsibility

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