Civil Engineering Works

Civil Engineering Works

Contemporary construction works require inspections during construction in areas of quality control, safety and operational readiness.

Construction works are performed nowadays with high quality and modern requirements.

Our contribution to the afore-mentioned comprises of:

  • Project Quality Plan approvals (mandatory for all public sector works and optional for private sector works)
  • Supervision of Quality Plan implementation during construction works
  • Approval of materials and equipment incorporated in the construction
  • Inspection of subcontractor’s premises
  • Witnessing of factory acceptance tests for main equipment
  • Witnessing of laboratory tests
  • Site inspection during construction works
  • Indicative quality control of works
  • Witness during commissioning and operational tests

Our organization has carried out inspections for some of the country's largest infrastructure projects and also abroad, such as:

  • The inspection of building installations for the New Athens International Airport "El. Venizelos" and Olympic Airways relocation at the new airport
  • Τhe national TRAM
  • Numerous Olympic projects including the Olympic Village, Calatrava I & II projects, the Galatsi Indoor Stadium, the Indoor Wrestling Stadium, the Weight Lifting Stadium, Olympic Baseball & Basketball centers at Hellenicon, the Inernational Broadcasting Centre (IBC), etc.
  • The inspection of hotel complexes: NAVARINO RESORTS-Navarino Dunes, the ATHENS HILTON, FOUR SEASONS Hotels & Resorts-San Stefano Alexandria Egypt, INTERCONTINENTAL Cairo-Egypt, SOFITEL ATHENS AIRPORT
  • The inspection of public sector buildings: the Ministry of Naval Affairs, Greek Police, Ministry of Culture
  • The inspection of Athens & Thessaloniki’s Concert Hall, ERICSSON HQ in Spata, the AVENUE commercial centre, the AEL FC Arena in Larisa etc.

The presence of an Inspection Body in construction works not only assures the conformity to the contractual requirements of Specifications - Standards - Regulations, as well as safety standards and operational readiness for the benefit of the end-users, but also provides undoubtable added value to the overall project.

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