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  3. ISO 29990:2010

Learning services for non-formal education and training — basic requirements for service providers

ISO 29990:2010 is a new international standard that aims to improve the quality of increasingly demanded non-formal education and training, such as vocational training, life-long learning and in-company training.

ISO 29990:2010 is suitable for all organizations, small or big, and it addresses organizations providing non-formal education and training services as well as corporate departments providing in-company training.

Knowledge is a key factor in successful corporate management all over the world and education is increasingly being regarded as a business-oriented service.

Benefits of ISO 29990:2010

  • It can demonstrate, through an independent body, that the internal audits of the organization are implemented and meet corporate goals and strategies
  • It provides a competitive advantage in meeting contractual obligations
  • It demonstrates the commitment of organization’s top management to provide high quality education and training services
  • The annual assessments help the organization to monitor and improve its performance
  • It enhances the reputation and the credibility of the organization both in the local and the international market
  • It enhances the credibility and the performance of corporate divisions/departments providing in-company training.

TÜV HELLAS offers certification services according to ISO 29990:2010

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