Custom Made Audits

Second Party Audits

Second party audits are usually carried out by a customer to a supplier (or a potential supplier) in order to make sure that the supplier can fulfill the existing or suggested contractual needs.

The product and service specialization and the elimination of monopoly has resulted in a new level of complexity for every supply chain. Nowadays the companies have usually more than one supplier and/or part of their produce is outsourced. Thus it becomes for them harder and more time-consuming to supervise the supply chain, especially if it is geographically spread or even world-wide.

The supervision and control of suppliers ensures the company that the quality criteria are met and followed because the suppliers are obliged to provide and continuously improve the quality characteristics of the product or the service that are contractually defined. This results to the protection and strengthening of a company’s trade label since all quality criteria are fulfilled. The strategy, vision and values of the company are verified throughout the entire supply chain since the company’s supplier network achieves the expected efficiency level and focuses on continuous improvement.

TÜV HELLAS has been active for more than 20 years and has the knowledge and the experience to perform second party audits. TUV HELLAS auditors provide the necessary transparency and impartiality during the audit procedures. A collaboration with TUV HELLAS ensures that the company and the suppliers will maintain and improve the quality throughout the supply chain while saving precious time and resources.

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