Organic Products in Third Countries

Organic Products in Third Countries

The TUV HELLAS STANDARD FOR ORGANIC CERTIFICATION IN THIRD COUNTRIES (countries outside the EU) provides the basis for the sustainable development of organic production while ensuring the effective functioning of the market, guaranteeing fair competition, ensuring consumer confidence and protecting consumer interests. It lays down specific rules on organic production, labelling and control in respect of organic products and establishes common objectives and principles to support the rules set out under this Standard.

Apart from the individual producers’ certification, TUV Hellas offers certification to organic smallholders as producer groups in order to overcome their economic problems related to inspection as individual operators. For that purpose the TUV HELLAS ORGANIC STANDARD FOR PRODUCER GROUPS has been developed. In principle only small farmers can be members of the group covered by group certification. Larger farms can also be members of the group in order to sell their products through a larger scheme but, have to be externally inspected annually.

The cost for the inspection and certification procedure depends primarily on the activity of the producer (plant and livestock production or processing). So, the type of crop and the cultivated surface, the species and the amount of animals and beehives or the processing activities are the crucial factors for the estimation of the relevant costs. Specific estimation is given to the interested parties by TUV Hellas after submission of the relevant query.

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