Food Safety Management Systems

ISO 22000:2005 is an international standard which defines the requirements of a food safety management system. A food safety management system is used when an organization in the food industry needs to exhibit that its food is safe for human consumption and that it controls all food safety hazards.

The ISO 22000:2005 standard is a complete, globally recognized food safety standard which integrates:

  • HACCP principles,
  • the requirements of all applicable regulations and legislation, and
  • the general requirements of management systems.

It applies to all organizations involved in the food chain, including:

  • Primary sector companies (animal feed, plant production),
  • Food Manufacturers,
  • Storage, Transportation, Wholesale, and Retail companies,
  • Companies providing supporting services (e.g. suppliers of packaging material, cleaning and sanitation agents, additives, food equipment etc.).

The benefits for an organization certified according to ISO22000:2005 include:
  • Documented compliance with relevant National and European statutory and regulatory requirements,
  • Minimisation of deviations in food safety as well as the detection of any incorrect practices,
  • Compliance with commonly accepted food manufacturing practices,
  • Strengthening customer trust in the organisation through communication of the organisation’s food safety policy,
  • Continuous quality improvement,
  • A competitive market benefit. 
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