Simple Pressure Vessels

Simple pressure vessels are vessels which are intended to contain air or nitrogen at a gauge pressure greater than 0.5 bar but less than or equal to 30 bar. They are not intended to be exposed to heat, they must be manufactured in series production and be of welded steel or aluminium construction.

The technical requirements for the manufacture of simple pressure vessels are laid down in EU legislation within the EU Directives 2009/105/EC and 87/404/EEC the Single Pressure Vessel Directive. The Directive applies to both producers and/or their authorised representatives.

TÜV CYPRUS offers, in collaboration with TÜV HELLAS, product certification services which are performed through:

  • CE Design Examination and Surveillance or
  • CE Verification

TÜV HELLAS is accredited by ESYD (Greek Accreditation System) and Notified in the European Union (Notification No: 0654) for simple pressure vessels certification.

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