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The European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) refers to the safe transnational transportation of dangerous goods, such as explosives, liquefied gases (for example propane, butane, etc.), flammable liquids (for example benzene, diesel oil, etc.), acids etc. and to the special requirements which vehicles and their drivers have to fulfill.

The inspection of the tank vehicles is separated into three categories:

  • Initial Inspection (Type Approval),
  • Periodic Inspection after 6 years (Internal-External inspection, Hydro-test, Leakage test and function test of the equipment),
  • Periodic Inspection after 3 years (Leakage test and function test of the equipment).

TÜV CYPRUS offers its inspection services for periodic inspection via its inspectors that have been approved by the Ministry of Communications and Works.


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