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Failure analysis and prevention are important applications of all engineering disciplines. The materials engineer often plays a lead role in the analysis of failures, whether a component or product fails in service or if failure occurs in manufacturing or during production processing. The cause of failure must be determined in order to prevent future occurrence, and/or to improve the performance of the component or structure.

In most cases, equipment failures are caused by one of the following reasons or a combination of them: 

  • Poor Design,
  • Incorrect use of materials,
  • Manufacturing Defects,
  • Operational Conditions.

TÜV CYPRUS in collaboration with TÜV HELLAS performs failure analysis services and can evaluate the cause of failure for a wide range of industrial equipment including:

  • Every type of pressure vessel,
  • Welded structures,
  • Piping,
  • Mechanical fasteners and bolts,
  • Excavating equipment components,
  • Lifting equipment/metallic structures,
  • Rotating equipment (pumps, compressors, shafts, turbines).


Our organization provides material evaluation services such as:


  • Material property evaluation,
  • Material suitability evaluation for various uses,
  • Evaluation of subcontractor material quality,
  • Evaluation of material replacement,
  • Evaluation of materials conformity to required specifications,
  • Development of non-destructive procedures for materials control.


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