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Implementing Energy Management Courses

Indonesia’s rapid economic development over the past decade largely contributed to Indonesia being today’s world’s third largest emitter of greenhouse gases (GHG), next to the United States and China where the industrial sector is the country’s largest energy consumer with a share of 44.2% of total energy demand.

Global calls to reduce GHG emissions prompted the Indonesian government to develop several energy management programs but with lack of capacity to implement them. Hence, the project addresses the problem by up-scaling and developing local pools of well-trained and accredited energy professionals who can efficiency implement these programs in industries and enterprises through training offers in partnership with private training institutions and the academe.

Project Methodology

  1. Map Existing Energy Management Programs and Players
  2. Validation Study
  3. Fine-Tune and Localize Programs
  4. Industry and Academic Institutions
  5. Train-The-Trainer Workshops
  6. Technical Assistance to Anchor Companies From Industry

TÜV NORD Indonesia is one of implementing partners of this project.

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