New Brand Design TÜV NORD Indonesia

Frequently Asking Question (FAQ)
TÜV NORD is a strong brand per se, why relaunch?

TÜV NORD is an outstandingly strong brand. However, lasting value and a positive perception are not ends in themselves; they are subject to constant change. The blue TÜV NORD brand is almost 20 years old and has to compete with other providers in terms of quality, internationality, digitalization, and sustainability. The objective for a brand relaunch was therefore, on the one hand, to position the brand in the digital age in terms of typography and color.

At the same time, many brands and logos have been added nationally as a result of acquisitions, shareholdings, etc. The fact that they too are all part of the global TÜV NORD Group is a major challenge. The fact that they all belong to the worldwide TÜV NORD Group was not made clear by the brand architecture until now. This is now changing.

What remains of the old logos?

With TÜV NORD GROUP, there will continue to be an umbrella brand. The four existing core brands (TÜV NORD, DMT, ALTER, TÜV IT) will also retain their history and identity.

By when should the entire brand relaunch be implemented?

A specific date has not been defined. The divisions/business areas will ensure that their rebranding is carried out quickly and at the same time as cost-effectively as possible.

Does the logo change also apply to the international units/companies?

All business units and national and international units are involved in the rebranding and will successively convert websites, stationery, marketing materials, etc. in 2023.

Which business units are affected by the new brand positioning?

With the new brand positioning, we are also visually combining the operational strengths of all business areas. We are creating new synergies and opportunities and communicating this with a new uniform brand image in "Electric Blue". In this way, we are strengthening confidence in new technologies and ensuring that innovations are successfully launched on the market.