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Leading TIC (Testing-Inspection-Certification) Service Provider

The amalgamation of economic regions as part of the growing internationalization process is putting a lot of companies. Here in Indonesia, under competitive pressure, we are having to intensify our effort to ensure long-term survival on the market.

PT. TÜV NORD Indonesia is offering a complete range of services from inspection, testing, certification and training to local and multi national companies / industries in Indonesia.
Being a government appointed to perform the mandatory SNI marking, the company provides product certification for, among others, : automotive tyres and rims, fertilizer, steel, toys, ceramics and food & beverage commodities like bottled drinking water, cocoa powder, biscuit, instant coffee etc. PT. TÜV Nord Indonesia is operating an ISO 17025 accredited state of the art laboratory for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and textile testing. The company has highly qualified experts for the country’s key industries and provide individual solutions to home industry scale until the major global player.

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Laboratory (Testing & Calibration)

Jl. Science Timur 1 Blok. B3-F1 kawasan industri Jababeka V Cibatu Cikarang
17530 Bekasi

Tel.: +62 21 29574720
Fax: +62 21 29574720


Head Office

Perkantoran Hijau Arkadia Tower F 7th Floor Jl. TB Simatupang
12520 Jakarta Selatan

Tel.: +62 21 78837338
Fax: +62 21 78837336


Representative Office

Graha Merah Putih 6th Floor Jl. Putri Hijau No. 1
20111 Medan

Tel.: +62 61 88818957


Branch Office

Intiland Tower 11th Floor, Suite 1 E, Jalan Panglima Sudirman 101-103
60271 Surabaya

Tel.: +62 31 5344454
Fax: +62 31 5344482

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