ETRS Risk Assessment

Ethical Trading and Responsible Sourcing Risk Assessment is a checking, and not a full audit.  TÜV NORD Indonesia will perform the risk assessment together with your food safety audit, thereby ensuring the efficient execution (stand-alone exercise can be also carried out).

The Risk Assessment is performed against the 5 Vital Signs that are drawn from the Global Standard; namely:

  1. senior management engagement & commitment,
  2. good corporate governance in place,
  3. fair and equitable treatment of workers,
  4. basic human rights are respected & upheld,
  5. health and safety in working environment. 

Once completed, your site receives a star rating and report that you can share with your customers on the BRCGS Directory.

A way to reassure your customer and improve business

The recent buying decision are increasingly influenced by environmental and ethical considerations. Concious customers need assurance that people involved in providing your products are treated fairly. The business owners are compelled to provide assurance that the products are produced and sourced responsibly. The risk assessment allows you to identify improvements, as well as risks.

Our know-how for your success

TÜV NORD is honoring people who are determined to protect their brands and reputations when it comes to the treatment of workers in their supply chains. We work efficiently by providing expertise tailored by your needs, for assuring brand reputation and responsible business management.

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