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EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme

The EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme, also known as EMAS, is a public quality mark for voluntary eco-management and communication.

A system according to EMAS includes indicatively the following:


  • Design and implementation of an Environmental Management System. The system may comply with the requirements of EN ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management) or EN ISO 16001: 2009 (Energy Management).
  • Active participation of the company’s employees in environmental management issues.
  • Preparation and publication of the Environmental Statement. The Environmental Statement contains verified information on all environmental issues that concern the company, as well as on the company’s performance regarding management of environmental issues (energy efficiency, efficient use of materials, water usage, waste management, biodiversity, emissions).
  • Verification of the Environmental Statement

TÜV HELLAS is accredited by the National Accreditation Council (ESYD) and has extensive experience in verification of Environmental Management Systems according to EMAS Regulation and the validation of the environmental statements, on a wide range of industrial activities.

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