Certification of Persons

Certification of Persons

Ensure your future as a professional

Persons certification is a modern and internationally recognized process by which employees can prove their competence through fair, valid and reliable examinations.

Nowadays where the work environment is fully competitive with rapid industry development and specialization, all workers - practitioners have to demonstrate their excellence – expertise and their professionalism. The way to achieve this is to become one of TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD) certified Professionals.

TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD) is a pioneer Certification Body that offers professionals certification (certification of persons) in a wide scope of disciplines such as technology, commerce, administration, tourism, computer science and other.

The procedures which are applied by TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD) are standardized and adhere to the international standard for Persons Certification Bodies ELOT EN ISO / IEC 17024, for which TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD) is accredited by the National Accreditation Body – ESYD. The relevant schemes included in the schedule of accreditation can be found in the website of ESYD.

Metal Works

  • Plate Fitter Technician
  • Pipe Fitter Technician
  • Welding and Metal Cutting Technician
  • Metal Cleaning Technician (Sandblasting – Wetblasting Technician)
  • Machining Technician
  • Technichian of adhesives, sealants and resins application

Construction Works

  • Insulation Technician
  • Reinforced Concrete Iron Worker (Technician)
  • Automation and Control System Installations Maintenance Technician
  • Carpenter
  • Masonry Technician
  • Plasterer
  • Plasterboard Technician
  • Building Painter
  • Tiler
  • Mold and Concrete Injection Technician
  • Masonry Technician
  • Scaffold Technician
  • Maintenence Personnel (EN 15628)
  • Geographic Information Systems - GIS Specialist
  • Specialist for handling & using civil explosives
  • Plumber (Generic plumbing works & Natural Gas)
  • Reinforced Concrete Iron Worker (Technician)
  • Refrigeration Equipment Technician
  • Construction Machinery Operator (Excavator - Loader - Lifting Construction)
  • Knauf-Plaster and Knauf-THERMOPROSOPSIS ETIC systems Applicator


  • Renewable energy specialist

Environmental Protection Works

  • Operation and Maintenance of Wastewater Treatment Systems – Biological Cleanings Technician
  • Waste Management and Recycling Technician
  • Operation and Maintenance of Sanitary Landfills Technician
  • Environmental Management Personnel


  • Administrative Personnel (Personal assistant – Adminstrative assistant)


  • Salesman (Retail, B2B, Merchandiser)
  • Export - International sales manager

Supply chain

  • Supply chain executive
  • Warehouse executive
  • Freight forwarding agent

Tourism industry employees

  • Room attendant
  • Linen room and Laundry attendant
  • Waiter
  • Cleaning professional
  • Hotel receptionist / Front office professional
  • Travel agent
  • Reservation department employee

Food & Agriculture

  • Technical staff for the production of Food and Beverage
  • Executive staff for the management and marketing of organic products
  • Food Safety and quality management executive
  • Aquaculture Specialist 


  • Specialist of medical devices regulatory affairs

Information and Communications Technologies

  • Computer & Networks specialist
  • Software Application specialist
  • Webpage & Applications specialist
  • Data Bases specialist
  • Information Systems Security Specialist


TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD) always focuses to the market needs, thus it enriches continuously the available professionals’ certification services and it expands the relative schemes.

Certificate holders in schemes which are within the scope of accreditation of TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD), have their certificates recognized as reliable in all EU Member States. It is worth noting that the certification provided by TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD), is not what the market calls diploma or license. This certification has specific requirements and lasts for specific period.

If you are interested in this kind of certification and you need more information on what are the relevant tasks and the competences needed for each one of the aforementioned certification schemes please don’t hesitate to contact our offices.

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