ISO 14064

Greenhouse gases

ISO 14064 is an offset protocol. It is an independent, voluntary GHG project accounting standard, and is deliberately policy neutral. The ISO 14064 standard consists of three parts. The first part (14064-1) specifies requirements for designing and developing organisation or entity-level GHG inventories. The second part (14064-2) details requirements for quantifying, monitoring and reporting emission reductions and removal enhancements from GHG projects. The third part (14064-3) provides requirements and guidance for the conducting of GHG information validation and verification.

The ISO 14064 standards (published in 2006 and early 2007) are part of the ISO 14000 series of International Standards for environmental management. The ISO 14064 standards provide governments, businesses, regions and other organisations with an integrated set of tools for programs aimed at measuring, quantifying and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. These standards allow organisations take part in emissions trading schemes using a globally recognised standard.

ISO 14064:2006 is a three part standard comprising a set of GHG accounting and verification criteria. The standards define international best practice in the management, reporting and verification of the greenhouse gas information and data. The use of standardized approaches for the accounting and verification of emissions data should ensure that one tonne of CO2, for example, is always the same wherever it occurs. Uncertainties surrounding the emissions statements should thus be comparable throughout the globe and end user groups such as governments, market traders and other stakeholders may rely upon the data presented and the claims made.

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