GRI/AA1000 Carbon Services

AA1000 Assurance standard / GRI / National voluntary guidelines

The AA1000 Assurance Standard / GRI / National Voluntary Guidelines are recognized and accepted standards which define criteria for demonstration and disclosure of sustainable measures (in form of report) undertaken by organizations as integral part of their business functions. TÜV Thailand is licensed assurance provider for “Corporate Social Responsibility” under AA1000 AS by Account Ability, UK. Sustainability Reporting helps clients to achieve competitive positioning and market differentiation.

Sustainability-paying for itself

AA1000 Assurance Standard / GRI / NVG is suitable for any organization which would like to disclose its achieved and envisaged sustainable measures to stakeholders.


  • Sustainability reporting creates a window into the performance of a company across economics, social and environmental dimensions.
  • Sustainability reporting has become main stream, driven by potential business value generated through enhanced stakeholder reporting and communication.
  • Sustainability reporting helps to create & clarify your sustainability strategy. The ability of company to communicate effectively with its key stakeholders can be critical to its long term success, viability and growth.
  • Substantially improve public image and increase brand reputation.
  • Achieve international recognition and drive performance within the organization.

Third Party Assurance is critical to increase the credibility of Sustainability Performance. TÜV Thailand provides third party assurance of public/committed disclosures on sustainability performance as well as underlying systems, data & processes against the suitable criteria and standards. It can be based on requirements of AA1000 Assurance Standard, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Application Levels, and National Voluntary Guidelines (NVG) etc.

What we can do for you

  • Assurance as per Guidelines on “Corporate Social Responsibility for Central Public Sector Enterprises” issued by Department of Public Enterprises, Government of Thailand
  • CSR Advisory Service
  • Assurance of GRI, AA1000 AS Compliance and Application Levels
  • Supply Chain Sustainability Audits/Assurance
  • Assessment of Sustainable Development projects