CE Marking

Product certification

Our product certifications services are intended to facilitate the strategic positioning of your products on the European markets. TÜV NORD Thailand with its vast experience and international network can help you achieve your goals.

TÜV NORD Thailand partners with TÜV NORD to certify the CE mark of the European Union.

Standing for the French Conformité Européenne, the CE mark has become the passport for product groups wishing to enter the European market.

As a notified body to the European Union, TÜV NORD Thailand will assist your company to achieve compliance testing in a domain regulated by EC directives (Low-voltage directive, toys directive, machinery directive,EMC directive etc.). Within the framework of the CE mark we are therefore able to offer all the requisite services on a one-stop basis.

The necessary areas of the CE conformity assessment include the following:

  • Type approval testing
  • Compatibility tests (electromagnetic, biological compatibility etc.)
  • Safety tests in our own testing laboratories Examination of product design Preparation of expert appraisal reports
  • Certification of quality systems

We assist companies as early as the development stage of new products by answering all questions related to the application of regulations, occupational safety and health provisions connected with the safety of equipment.