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An Assurance for farming products and practices

Your food safety program to pre farm gate agricultural community – farmers, primary producers, exporters to the EU and USA.

GLOBAL G.A.P. is a private sector standard specifies the requirements for agricultural produce and how it has to be produced on farm. The main focus is on to produce safe fresh produce, minimizing the impact on the environment by restricting the chemical input usage and responsible approach towards the farm workers health & safety and animal welfare. GLOBAL G.A.P. is much suitable to the growers and exporters of fresh fruit, Vegetable and flowers and benchmarked by GFSI.

GLOBAL G.A.P has the for the following options for certifications:

  • Option 1 (Individual Farmer)
  • Option 2 (Group of farmers)

Benefits of GLOBAL G.A.P. certification

GLOBAL G.A.P is the fresh produce food standard set by Europe’s leading food retailers to give their customers more assurance of food safety. Only certified growers can supply to these retailers. As such, many customers see GLOBAL GAP Certification as a "passport to European market". The standard is designed to promote Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) to minimize detrimental impact on the environment, whilst conserving nature and wildlife; reduce the use of agrichemicals; improve the efficiency of natural resource use; and ensure a responsible attitude towards worker health and safety.

Currently, our service for GLOBAL G.A.P certification covers following product/producer whether fruit and vegetable, aquaculture, chain of custody and compound feed manufacturer.

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