PED 97/23/EC, AD 2000 W0/ HP0, ISO 3834

License to trade in the European market

TÜV NORD is renowned for its high level of expertise in Pressure Equipment Directive – PED 97/23/EC inspections and certifications which enable you to comply with the legal requirements for CE marking of pressure equipment which are then accepted throughout the European community and many other countries.

PED 97/23/EC Annex.I, 4.3 / AD 2000 W0 Material Manufacturer Approval and AD 2000 HP0 / ISO 3834 Equipment / Welding Workshop Approval

The PED Pressure Equipment Directive was adopted by the European Parliament and the European Council in May 1997 and from 29 May 2002 has been obligatory throughout the European Union with penalties for non-compliance.

As per the requirements of European Union, the following approvals are mandatory for supplying any products covered under Pressure Equipments Directive PED 97/23 EC.

TÜV NORD Thailand (TÜV NORD GROUP) provides expertise guidance & knowledge to all the customers with regular Inspection & Audits to the plant through PED Authorized Inspectors available all over Thailand.

Approval of Material Manufacturers QMS under PED 97/23/EC Annex .I, 4.3 & AD 2000 W0:

Products covered: basic materials like plates, forging, tubes, castings, etc used in construction of pressure equipment.

Beneficial to: Material Manufacturers for export of materials to EU or supply materials to Pressure Equipments manufacturers (of Thailand or any country) for final products being supplied to EU

Approval of Equipment manufacturers QMS under AD 2000 HP0/ ISO 3834:

Products covered: Pressure vessels/Tanks, Heat Exchangers, Reactors, Columns, Bullets etc. ISO 3834 also covers welding shops for structural / other applications.

Beneficial to: Equipment manufacturers, Fabricators who wish to export their products to European Countries/ Germany.

About AD 2000 Merkblatter

AD 2000 stands for “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Druckbehalter”, which translates to Working Group on Pressure Vessels. “Merkblatter” are “specification sheets” AD 2000 Merkblatter, the German Code for pressure vessel design and manufacture, is prepared by a group of seven trade associations who together form the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Druckbehalter. TÜV NORD as a member of VdTÜV, the head of the working group can certify Thailandn manufacturers in accordance with the AD 2000 regulations.

The certification includes the following services:

  • Assessment of technical documents
  • Assessment of test reports
  • Assessment of testing procedures
  • Check of the reliability of working procedures and personnel appraisal of materials used