Our Partner

Our Partner

BAM is a Federal Research Institute under the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. The approximately 1600 employees are mostly scientists working in nine technical departments. Department 3 “Containment Systems for Dangerous Goods” employs about 60 staff members in the field of design testing and safety evaluation of transportation and storage casks for radioactive materials. For more than 30 years, these experts support all important approval and licensing procedures in that area in Germany. They provide a wealth of knowledge and experiences and maintain excellent relationships with many national and international organizations e.g. IAEA.

Within our cooperation, the Federal Institute of Materials Research and Testing is primarily responsible for the following points:

  • Expertise in safety analyses of all kinds of radioactive waste and spent fuel containers 
  • Experimental testing and numerical (FEM-) analyses of mechanical and thermal loads 
  • Safety evaluation of storage systems under normal operation and accident conditions (container drop or collision, aircraft crash, fire scenarios) 
  • Evaluation of long term safe enclosure (e. g. seal performance, screws, weldings, corrosion effects, degradation by radiation) 
  • Competence in material performance evaluation (e. g. metals, concrete, polymers) 
  • Quality assurance aspects 
  • Container transportation after interim storage

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