Type Approval/Homologation

Harmony of technology and safety around the world

TÜV NORD Homologation is when everything is in perfect harmony: Vehicle parts, vehicle and safety, construction and international provisions, your latest developments and the future.
For five decades, we have been working internationally for industrial companies and authorities. We have mastered the homologation process to the minute detail. TÜV NORD has contributed to many directives, provisions and regulations of the EU in international bodies. There is a long path from the first creative idea to the breakthrough on the car market. It is called the homologation process. We have structured this path in three segments (Knowing how/Everything planned/Serial success) that we support and promote intensely in development. The utmost objective is making your vehicle stand on its own quickly and securely.

The thicket of national and international rules and provisions is growing increasingly dense, confusing and complex. Our experts will pave a way for you through the legal jungle. They are in close contact with development departments, test engineers and authorities. As an accredited service provider, we will perform individual, sample and type tests in and outside of the country and support you in acquisition of the approval certificates.


We for you

  • Tests according to framework directive 2007/46/EC
  • Support in implementation of new regulations, etc. (e.g. (EC) 661/2009– General Safety Regulation)
  • Tests for acquisition of EC multi-stage approvals for vehicle body / 2nd stage manufacturers
  • Tests for granting of small series approvals
  • Individual acceptance
  • Static and dynamic test of vehicle body structures according to DIN EN12642
  • Tests of tarpaulins according to DIN EN 12641-2
  • Tests of attachment points according to DIN EN 12640
  • Determination of coefficients of sliding friction of load areas and load joint according to VDI 2700 Sheet 14
  • Assessment and documentations help with future developments as well 

Full dedication right from the start

  • Assessment of vehicles, trailers and their vehicle partial systems according to international (EC, ECE, etc.) and national provisions (StVZO) 
  • Tests according to the EC framework directives, the EC multi-stage approval for superstructure producers, small-series approval and for vehicles with special purposes 
  • Generation of expert reports and test reports for granting of an EC operating permit (EG-BE) or a national general operating permit (ABE) 
  • Assessment of vehicle conversions and generation of expert reports as test basis for individual acceptances -
  • Tests of approval-free or motor-vehicle-like vehicles e.g. based on the machinery directives or other technical provisions