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To ensure that the Operational Critical Elements remain fit-for-purpose throughout the Total Life Cycle of the asset. Focused on safety, production & reliability optimization, ensuring Corporate, Statutory & Regulatory Governance are met and sustained in a cost effective manner.

What do we do?

  1. A Global provider of Asset Integrity Management, Safety and Performance Solutions for complex large industrial assets and processes.
  2. Plant Integrity Management Service such as:
    • Plant Integrity Management System Audits
    • Company asset integrity management review and gap analysis, AIM policy and strategy and Manual procedures
    • Mechanical integrity consultancy and service provider
    • Risk management
    • Corrosion Management
    • HAZOP & HAZID study and analysis
    • Safety Critical element study and analysis
    • Material Defect and Component Failure Investigation
    • API authorization for in-service plant inspection and Repair methodology
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Fitness for Service Assessment
    • Written Schemes of Examination
    • On-Stream Inspection Optimization
    • Risk Based Inspection (RBI) consultancy and service provider
    • Reliability Center maintenance (RCM) consultancy and service provider
    • Pipework Vibration Services
    • Rotating machines condition monitoring service
  3. Pipelines integrity managements service
    • External Corrosion Management
    • Fitness for Service Assessments
    • Risk based inspection RBI
    • Written Scheme of Examination
    • In-Line Inspection Services
    • Integrity Management System Audits
    • Investigation of Pipeline Incidents
    • Pipeline Uprating
    • Internal Corrosion Management

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+20 (2) 330 51 948
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