Food Safety/Hygiene Audits

Hygiene concerns have become increasingly under scrutiny in the food world over the past decade, and more specifically in the hotels, catering industry as well as restaurants establishment.

With the aim of providing enhanced food safety program and proving due diligence to its valued customers, and based on hygiene status reports audit findings and scores and microbiological food analysis results – TÜV NORD Egypt hereby undertakes to provide its services in the field of food hygiene and sanitation at the food service sector of the client premises "the facility" with a view to improve the overall level of the hygiene and sanitation by way of auditing and withdraw samples. The food safety auditing program has been designed while keeping in mind the specific requirements of the Codex Alimentations and relies significantly on Food safety Audits and withdraw samples.

By a way of Monthly Announced or Unannounced Audits carried out by qualified microbiologists, food scientists and occupational hygienists with experience in this field for food safety and restaurants, and with graphs are generated for the units that allow easy determination of problem areas and also compare present and previous scores, the problems encountered at each Audit, suggestion as to means of improvement are discussed with unit manager at each Audit, TÜV NORD Egypt can control and provide its value added services to its clients.

Benefits of Food safety Audit:

  • Consumer demand for safe food is becoming increasingly relevant in the face of numerous food safety scares and incidents reported widely through the media.
  • By utilising the services of an independent third-party international inspection company, you are able to monitor and regulate conditions existing in your facilities on an ongoing and regular basis.
  • Demonstration of your commitment to good hygiene standards through the globally recognised Certification programme can be used as a marketing tool, giving you the edge over competitors in an increasingly competitive market.
  • Hygiene Management Package: our value-added service package, including full reports, summary graphs for each audit, summary graphs and tables and ongoing comparisons to previous scores attained, will allow management to access standards, keep on top of problem areas and act on results immediately without having to going through time consuming report reading.
  • Increase staff awareness

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